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22/02/2024 - A meeting of UzMedEn and I2-Pledge project coordinators

22:37 16.37.2024

On February 22, 2024, an online meeting was held between the coordinators of two projects UzMedEn: New master’s degree and training course programs in the field of medical engineering in Uzbekistan and I2-PLEDGE: Innovative and interdisciplinary Programmes in Bio-medical Engineering to Leverage and Exploit the Digital Growth programme for students employability in Uzbekistan financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. It is known that these two projects consist of the preparation of bachelor`s, master`s and training courses in the field of biomedical engineering in Uzbekistan.

Teams of the Italian Laquila University, the coordinator of the I2-PLEDGE project, and the teams of the Andijan Machine Building Institute, the coordinator of the UzMedEn project, took part in the meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to continue these two ongoing projects in an inextricably linked way, to ensure the sequence of subjects in the bachelor`s, master`s and training courses, and to train graduates to become personnel who meet the requirements of the world market.