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26/07/2023 - Biomedical engineering in Uzbekistan: current situation, problems and prospects

22:16 16.16.2024

An international scientific and practical conference was held at the Andijan Machine Building Institute on the topic "Biomedical engineering in Uzbekistan: current situation, problems and prospects".

It was attended by professors, specialists, researchers and graduate students of national and foreign universities, including Portugal, Latvia, Turkey, Italy and South Korea.

Associate Professor of Andijan Machine Building Institute Z. Juraev, Professor of Andijan State Medical Institute Yu. Egamov, Setubal Polytechnic University, Portugal professors Rui Vilela Dionisio, Jose Inacio, Rocha Rui Pedro Batoreo Amaral made presentations on the scientific research works.

At the conference, the role of medical engineers in medical and treatment institutions and the requirements for their training, specific features of the educational process, nanotechnologies in biomedicine, as well as the management of medical equipment and supplies, were presented in the presentations on the current state of the field, existing problems and their solutions were shown.

Also, development and study of practical diagnostic methods with high-tech medical equipment, modeling of biological structures and organs and 3D visualization technologies, metrology and medical measurements in medicine, development of programs for modeling the therapeutic effect of medical equipment on the body topics such as output, the possibilities of using artificial intelligence in biomedical practice, the development and research of design tools for intelligent data processing systems for biomedical applications were also of great interest to the participants..

At the end, the participants of the conference expressed their opinions on the scientific event held.